Lumen Christi – the Light of Christ – an inspirational name for the school with which I have been associated since 2008 when my husband commenced teaching at the school, and we moved to the Bega Valley.

I was immediately struck by how welcoming the Lumen community is. I attended Catholic schools in Brisbane where I grew up. Many members of my extended family, as well as both my siblings, are teachers. My husband has taught in schools in Queensland, England and Malawi. Whilst my professional background is in Law, I also have some teaching experience in village schools and an international school in Malawi for a few terms. But I can honestly say that the staff, students and wider community at Lumen Christi are some of the warmest and friendliest people I have ever encountered, and that the pride and identity of the school is evident in everything that the Lumen community is involved in.

Over the years I have attended many Masses, sports days, musicals, assemblies and other functions and all are notable for the Lumen Christi spirit that shines through and sets them apart as distinctly luminous.

When the College expanded to incorporate the primary school, I was very happy to know that my children would have the opportunity to receive a great start to their education in a close-knit, inclusive environment, with the Catholic ethos at the forefront.

To me it seemed only natural to join the Community Council when my children commenced at Lumen. I enjoy being able to engage with the school in this capacity, to be a voice for the parents, and to bring my professional skills to the decision-making and advisory roles of the Community Council. Together with all members of our school community, it is my wish to strive to make our children’s time at Lumen not only enjoyable, but as enriching an experience as possible.