Year 7

Moving from primary to secondary school can be a big step for students and their families.  Lumen Christi offers a series of programs to help our new Year 7 students and their families get to know more about their new school, other students and College staff, including:  

  • Year 7 Orientation Program (Hands-on Orientation Day and 3 day 'get to know you' camp at Kianinny)
  • An active Parent Social Group
  • A wide range of extra and co-curricular activities
  • Parent Infomation Sessions 
  • Year 7 Retreat 
  • Peer Class Groups - Your child will be placed with a nominated peer for their first Term of study in Year 7
  • Buddy System - Year 7 students are supported and mentored by our senior students
  • Lunchtime tutorial lessons
  • Student Wellbeing Program  
  • Counselling Services

Orientation Day 

Our Year 7 Orientation Day is usually held in late November each year.  Please contact our Enrolment Officer on (02)6495 8855 for dates. You must have returned your completed acceptance slip to the College in order for your child to attend this day.